About Osgood Textile

History of the Company

Like so many family-owned businesses that have grown alongside the needs of their customers, Osgood's history began simply—more than sixty years ago.

Bob Kahan's grandfather was a rag peddler and was followed into the business by two sons, Abe and Herb (Bob's father). In 1947, Herb and Abe split the business, with Herb moving to Springfield with some of the existing accounts.

In 1948, Herb and his wife Lillian started their own business on Nursery St. in Springfield, collecting and selling clipping (rags) from local factories. Over the years, they developed close relationships with the textile mills that would offer them incredible deals, and as those relationships grew, so did the size of the Osgood's stores.

In 1956, they moved to Osgood St. with 6,000 sq. ft. of retail space; the Kahans relocated in 1980 to a 12,000 sq. ft. store at 30 Magaziner Place. Today's Park Street location, with over 72,000 sq. ft. of showroom and retail space, opened its doors in 2004 and is now one of the largest fabric stores in the country, sourcing fine fabrics at discount prices from all over the world.

"Our success is built on three things: knowing our business, providing great value, and honesty," says Bob, who joined the family business in 1973, and is now the president of Osgood's. "We never give a customer an answer that doesn't favor them. If they buy less, that's O.K., because we're here for the long haul."

In fact, Bob notes that many of his customers are third-generation Osgood's patrons whom he's known "since I was in knee-pants."

Osgood's is known for having unusual fabrics – cashmere, silks, vintage fabrics and more wools than anyone in the U.S. – and keeps 15,000 different drapery prints in stock at all times.

"Our fabric knowledge is unparalleled and we don't get undersold by anyone ever," says Bob. "We buy mill-direct on everything and are known as a deep discounter. We have customers from all over the country – theatre groups, fashion designers, costumers as well as individuals – because of the breadth and depth of our offering. There's nothing we don't carry."

Bob's son Mayer joined Osgood's in 2003 – the third generation to carry on the fine family tradition of competence, value and honesty.

"We're not a fancy store," says Bob. "We just have lots of great fabric at great prices, and a great staff who knows the business like nobody else."

What started from rags is now a thriving growing business rich in tradition, service and long-standing customer relationships that truly sets Osgood's apart. Stop in today and experience it for yourself.